Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nicky Freeman

As I was completing my nightly ab routine, I came across a show on TLC called "My 40 Year Old Son". It reflected the lives of 2 people who suffer from an unknown condition that causes them to age very slowly. They age 1 year in every 4. Nicky Freeman is a 40 year old man trapped in the body of a 10 year old boy. Something about the way he was, how innocent and precious he is just made my heart melt. Nicky is blind and cannot talk. He spoke the usual words you learn when you are just beginning to talk around the age of one, like Mommy and Daddy... but soon after that, he never spoke a word again. There was a particular segment of the show were Nicky was listening to music and dancing, I wanted to jump off the floor and into the T.V to give Nicky a giant hug. I wonder if he knows what is happening to him. Is his mind like a 10 year olds? Because he cannot talk, we have no idea of knowing the capacity that his brain has. Either way, I believe that he knows how loved he is and how to love in return. Nicky, his Mother Kayleen and younger brother Llyod, take a trip to Florida all the way from Australia to see a doctor who thinks that he can help the family get some answers as to why Nicky is the way he is. They discovered that Nicky's pituitary glad is not in the correct place, and that is why his body is aging at a slow pace. After all is said and done in Florida, its time to go back home, and as Kayleen thanks the doctor for FINALLY giving her some much needed answers and closure, its Nicky's turn to say goodbye to the doctor. So Nicky slowly walks up to the doctor, he grabs Nicky's hand and instead, Nicky sits on the doctors lap and rests his head on his shoulder for a nice, long hug. That moment brought tears me my eyes because Nicky cannot speak the words "Thank you", he has to show you, and I believe that is more important than the words themselves.

Watching this show made me think about my life, and the most simple things that I take for granted everyday. Being able to walk, see, talk. Things that my body just naturally does, like age. Some might not consider that a good thing, but in Nicky's case, that is all his family wished for, was for him to be the way that most people are as they grow. How many times have you said as you are holding a newborn in your arms..."I just want you to stay this little forever"? I know I have, and for Kayleen, she wished the complete opposite. I need to start ackowledging the blessings I have in my life and in my health. So many people in the world are suffering from threatning diseases, losing loved ones because of them and so many other things that I could not even imagine let alone actually having to deal with them in my own life. Thank you Lord, for all my blessing, and I pray that from here on out, I will not take these blessings for granted and I pray that you heal the broken, bless those who are sick with great health and continue to see us through any struggles we may encounter. Amen!


  1. God had blessed him with lots and lots of mothers love all his life .
    How is he now?
    God bless u brother

  2. Wyrazy współczucia i zarazem podziwu. Jesteśmy z Wami! Pozdrawiam z Polski.
    Ps. Wzruszająca historia.